Balanced Busy Bodies is always on the lookout for products that are healthy but our interest will naturally be piqued by a product that whose name implies that it could help you look better.

The Beauty’In brand was developed in Brazil with beauty in mind. Their products claim to supplement the body’s nutrients without the addition of sugar, preservatives or trans fats. We sent a bar to a loyal BBusyBody to find out what she thought and this is what she said:

‘When BBB sent me the Beauty’In Beauty Bar to try I was delighted, a snack that makes me look good? I couldn’t wait to tuck in. Seriously though, this beauty bar with zero preservatives, zero artificial dyes and zero glucose syrup was the kind of snack I had been looking for.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to end a habit of unhealthy snacks that I have developed and I am aiming towards a healthier lifestyle.

The bar is actually not quite a bar, it’s actually six little cereal cubes, so when you open it, you could share if you wanted to. Not me though – haha.

The flavour I got was Apple, Raisins, Cashew and Honey.Beauty'In Bar

On my first bite I wasn’t overly impressed, it had a sort of tanginess to it that I wasn’t sure I liked, 5 more squares later though and I had acquired the taste and it  really filled the gap.

The bar has honey as a sweetener and is also enriched with vitamins, collagen.  Unfortunately, I don’t think eating collagen will get rid of your wrinkles.  Although many food products claim it does, there has been no scientific evidence to prove that. However it is a fantastic protein and does you no harm in eating it as protein helps you to stay fuller longer and that is fantastic.

I guess the real question is: ‘if it doesn’t get rid of wrinkles why on earth is it called a beauty bar’?

Well it’s because the company believe in beauty from the outside can only be achieved from taking care of yourself within, so they produce a range of products with this philosophy.

They have four other bars in their range available from Harvey Nichols for £2.50 – I will be checking the other flavours out!’

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