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Water bottles have become a necessity in recent years because 1) it is mega important to stay hydrated and 2) it is important to stay hydrated without creating plastic waste. On a functional level, a water bottle exists to hold water. However, on an emotional and symbolic level, a water bottle has become an extension of our style and personality – offering another way for us to express ourselves.

Buntu bottle in the gym

Which is why we fell in love with the BUNTU bottle at first sight. It somehow manages to be attractive and sophisticated at the same time while offering the practicality of keeping cold drinks cold (for 24 hours) and hot drinks hot (for 12 hours). Available in cool grey and rose quartz, the sleek 400ml bottle is made from high grade stainless steel and is also leak proof, BPA free and double walled for maximum insulation.

We recently put the BUNTU bottle to the test in the Caribbean and were pleasantly surprised (and relieved) to be able to sip on ice cold water in the hot sun hours after filling the bottle.

Buntu Bottle on a boat


The BUNTU bottle’s name was inspired by ubuntu, which is a South African philosophy that promotes community and oneness. This community focus is evident in their CSR. BUNTU is committed to sustainability, not simply because it helps consumers to reduce their plastic waste, but because they are committed to supporting the effort to make clean water available in some of the world’s poorest communities.  For every BUNTU bottle sold, 10% of the net profit will go towards funding a project by independent water charity drop4drop.

Between, the style, hydration, functionality, sustainability AND free shipping in the UK there are more than enough reasons to get yourself a BUNTU bottle.

The friendly folks at BUNTU are also giving Balanced Busy Bodies readers 15% off their purchase. Simply go to www.lovebuntu.com and enter BALANCE at the checkout.

Happy drinking!


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