In short

A great alternative to the typical lunch


The sign outside of Hummus Brothers, Holborn is what caught our attention: ‘free-from wheat, gluten and lactose’. With that type of claim we had to check it out.

The Hummus Brothers experience is pretty straightforward – choose a topping for your hummus and use your pitta bread as a scoop – no cutlery required. Toppings include fava beans, guacamole, chicken and chunky beef. You can also add extra toppings such as sun dried tomatoes, jalapenos and feta.

In addition to having something on the menu for the Balanced Busy Bodies profiles, they also cater to a number of different dietary requirements. There’s a page on their site where you can do a search to find out which of their dishes meet your specific requirement:

The website is also the best place to find out the nutritional profile of the dishes – just remember that the information on the grid is only for the hummus and topping and does NOT include the bread.

While we are on the topic of bread there is a gluten free alternative for their pitta. We were half expecting a gluten free pitta, but in fairness, ensuring that the breads are different in shape reduces the chance of the wrong bread being served.

It’s also worth noting that the pitta bread can also be substituted for rice cakes, carrot sticks or corn tortilla chips

The space to eat in the Holborn branch was conservative so if you are planning to eat in, be prepared to sit next to strangers.

Although hummus tends to be treated like a dip, it is incredibly satisfying as a main. We would definitely recommend that you put this on your list of restaurants to visit, if you haven’t already.

What we tried:

Small hummus with a chunky beef topping

Hummus with Chunky Beef







Small Hummus with chicken topping

Hummus with Chicken





Gluten free pitta alternative

Hummus Bros Gluten Free Bread







What we liked

The food is simple but still tasty and filling

The provision of gluten free bread for coeliacs

What we would do differently

We’re curious to know how many calories are in the pitta

Who can eat here?

Calorie Counters Hummus topped with mushrooms with carrot sticks instead of pitta is under 200kcals
Carb Conscious Go for the chicken or chunky beef toppings and substitute pitta with carrot sticks
Gluten Aware All of the toppings are gluten free to just swap your pitta for the gluten free bread
Vegetarian Try the fava beans, vegetable salad, mushroom or guacamole toppings
Vegan Try the fava beans, vegetable salad, mushroom or guacamole toppings

Value for money

Small hummus with a chunky beef topping £5.50

Small Hummus with chicken topping £5.20

We think that’s pretty good value for a clean, filling lunch

Loyalty card

Buy 9 meals and get a 10” small hummus free

Buy 12 meals and get a 14” regular hummus free


Soho – 88 Wardour Street, London, W1F 0TH

Holborn – Victoria House, 37-63 Southampton Row, London, WC1B 4DA

St Paul’s – 128 Cheapside, London, EC2V 6BT

Exmouth Market – 62 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QE

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In short

A brilliant ‘clean eating’ dining experience


This place absolutely knocked our socks off!

Visited by both amateur and professional athletes alike, the menu at the restaurant is designed for customers who know what they want, but kind to those who are still learning the ropes of good nutrition.

Social media has been buzzing about this place for a while and for good reason.

When we walked into the Leyton branch we fell in love immediately. Normally when you think of restaurants that attract clean eaters and athletes, you can’t help but assume that the interior décor would be equally ‘tough’ or ‘rugged’, but the restaurant is designed and decorated in a way that says ‘yes, our menu is perfect for clean eaters but everyone is welcome!’

Gyms Kitchen Interior








Everything you need to make an informed decision is available on the menu: calories, fat, carbs and protein. The menu was also incredibly diverse and included appetisers, salads, wraps, protein pancakes – you can even order a banana split.

You’ll also find that there are options for vegetarians and the menu also indicates which meals are gluten free.

The food here is beautifully presented and the portion sizes are out of this world. When we ordered the tuna steak we genuinely expected one of those dainty sized portions that you get in other restaurants, but Gyms Kitchen make sure you leave fully satiated.

Another great attribute of this restaurant is the customer service – our waitress was polite, engaging, knowledgeable and friendly which added to our dining experience.

During our visit our server informed us that kitchen didn’t usually allow menu modifications as it could impact service times – an explanation we were quite happy with. Given that there is genuinely something for everyone on the menu, we felt it was a fair decision.

It’s obvious that a lot of thought was put into the execution of this restaurant, from the food and the staff to the bill pouch.

Gratuity was included in the price but we were so happy with the service that we wanted to leave a tip.

It didn’t feel like we were eating healthy as such, it felt as though we had gone out for dinner in a great restaurant that happened to serve nutritionally responsible food.

This is the type of place that we would like to see as a concession in gyms around the country.

Gyms Kitchen is proof that clean, honest food does not have to be boring or void of taste.

What we tried:

Gyms Kitchen Chicken Wings







Chicken Wings

Gyms Kitchen Grilled Halloumi 2







Grilled Halloumi

Gyms Kitchen Rump Steak 2







Rump Steak

Gyms Kitchen Tuna Steak 2







Tuna Steak

Gyms Kitchen Garlic Spinach and Spicy Rice









Garlic Spinach and Spicy Rice

Gyms Kitchen Banana Split 3








Banana Split

Gyms Kitchen Peanut Butter Ice Cream 2







Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream

What we liked

  • Nutritional information is easy to find
  • Portion sizes are ample
  • Customer service is second to none

What we would do differently

Give the option of peanut butter ice cream in the banana split (pretty please!)

Who can eat here?

Carb Conscious and Calorie Counter Busy Bodies will have the most fun here but Gluten Aware, Vegetarian and Vegan Busy Bodies will also find suitable options on the menu.

Value for money

Our bill for all of the above came to £41.72 including gratuity.

We think this was incredibly good value for money – especially given the portion sizes.


Leyton: 388-392 High Road Leyton London United Kingdom E10 6RT

Gants Hill: 376 – 378 Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill, Essex, IG2 6HW

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One of the things we aim to do here at Balanced Busy Bodies is provide busy people with solutions that fit in with their busy lifestyle so we were excited to be given the opportunity to review Ozeri CardioTech Premium Series Digital Blood Pressure Monitor with Color Alert Technology.

Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor

Sometimes we all get so caught up in calculating calories and investigating food labels that we forget to take a step back and look out our lifestyle from a wider vantage point.

A busy lifestyle can lead to high blood pressure which can have a profound effect on your life.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, office blood pressure readings taken by a doctor are more likely to be higher than readings measured at home, so monitoring your blood pressure at home is more likely to give you an accurate reading – if done properly.

This blood pressure monitor is a bit different than other blood pressure monitors we’ve seen in that the cuff goes around your wrist – not your upper arm – and your arm needs to be held exactly as per the directions in order to get an accurate reading.

That said, we found it really easy to use and passed it around for the team to try. We’re happy to report that we all have normal blood pressure!

One of the more unique aspects of this blood pressure monitor is the Advanced Color-coded Hypertension Indicator that colour codes your readings according to World Health Organization hypertension guidelines. So when you get your reading you’ll also get an indication as to where your blood pressure is according to the colour of the LCD. Green indicates normal levels; orange indicates prehypertension levels and red indicates hypertension levels. So if you’re a newbie to blood pressure readings you can let the colours guide you as to where your blood pressure levels are.

This Ozeri Blood Pressure Monitor is also compact and portable so you can use it wherever you want to.

All in all, we think this is a useful piece of kit for anyone who likes to measure their blood pressure regularly.

The blood pressure monitor comes with 2xAAA batteries and can be purchased on Amazon.

In short

The gluten free menu additions are well thought through AND tasty


Pizza Express feels like a British high street staple, however, until recently, if you are coeliac or gluten intolerant, Pizza Express would not have been high on your list of places to eat (for obvious reasons.)

Thankfully, Pizza Express have shown their awareness of changing customer requirements by launching a comprehensive gluten free menu this autumn.

It’s reassuring to see that a great deal of research has obviously gone into this menu. For example, the gluten free base is not available for all the pizzas, such as the Sloppy Giuseppe, because some of the toppings contain gluten. Furthermore, coeliacs can also safely enjoy a brownie AND a beer from Pizza Express which sets them apart from their competitors.

This shows that Pizza Express is not treating the gluten free movement as a trend but as a genuine dietary requirement.

Calorie counters can also find the nutritional info on the website and will be pleased to see that the new menu also includes a superfood salad which has baby spinach, roasted butternut squash, beetroot, light baby mozzarella and other nutritious ingredients.

Their lower calorie Legerra pizzas are also still available for their customers who tend to keep a close eye on their calories.

What we tried:

Gran Padano on a gluten free pizza base

Gran Padano on a Gluten Free base







You can taste the difference between the gluten free base and their standard base, but that’s to be expected and the taste wasn’t bland. The base did go hard a little more quickly than the standard base, but again that was to be expected (and we are notoriously slow eaters)

Superfood salad

Pizza Express Superfood Salad







Our tester wasn’t a huge fan of it and felt that it was ‘filling but bland’

Pollo Ad Astra Legerra

Pizza Express Pollo Ad Astra Legarra






Again, this one didn’t get a great response from our tester as she felt that her ‘salad was just leaves, rather than an actual mixed vegetable salad, therefore very boring’.

What we liked


The food was visually appealing

There was no extra charge for the gluten free option

The gluten free menu was clearly thought through and well researched

Their website is clear and concise

Their allergy information can be downloaded from the site

Their nutritional information can also be downloaded from the site

What we would do differently


The superfood salad may benefit from a few more herbs to add more flavour without raising the calories

Who can eat here?

Calorie Counters Try the Legerra pizzas
Carb Conscious Superfood Salad with Chicken (ask for your balsamic syrup on the side)
Gluten Aware Anything with the GF symbol next to it
Vegetarian Anything with the ‘v’ symbol next to it
Vegan Vegans are limited to roasted tomatoes, olives marinate, macron almonds, dough balls (if butter is substituted for oil), a side salad, sorbet, Nocellara Del Belice olives.

Value for money


Gran Padano on GF base

Superfood Salad

Polla Ad Astra Leggera

Loyalty card

No loyalty card per se but there are regular offers and promotions available if you sign up to receive their newsletters. We used a 25% off voucher and the gluten free pizza base was included in the discount.


There are more than 400 in the UK. Find your local Pizza Express here

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In short

A tasty wheat free, gluten free AND dairy free bread – now at a supermarket near you


We discovered the BFree brand while visiting the International Food and Drink Event in ExCel last year.

BFree Bread Shaped BenchInitially we were intrigued by the bread shaped bench on their stand, but when we discovered that they were a gluten free brand we were excited! Staff was more than happy to chat with us about their brand and it only took a few minutes for us to realise that BFree Foods are serious about ensuring that coeliacs can enjoy a sandwich:

  • They work with experts in their fields to ensure that the full range has the best nutritional profile possible.
  • BFree has developed a recipe and composition that replaces the gluten and wheat and with natural ingredients.
  • BFree’s breads contain a blend of natural flours, starches and proteins and are made in a dedicated gluten free facility with batch testing done on all productions to ensure that there are no traces of gluten.

Most interestingly for us is the fact that unlike many GF products, BFree have the lowest fat content (1.5%), are high in fibre and have the lowest calorie breads in the ‘Free From’ market at just 60 calories per slice.

What more could you ask for in a gluten free bread?


Photo 20-03-2013 10 31 03When we tasted the bread we were pleased that we couldn’t tell that it was a gluten free bread, but to ensure that our opinion wasn’t biased (the stand was that cool) we asked some of our testers for their opinion.

Our coeliac tester said: ‘The bread was nice and soft and toasted well! It didn’t go horribly dry after toasting which happens with some other brands’.

Our non-coeliac tester noted that ‘the wraps are fine cold, but when we heated them they had a different smell than we were used to. That said, the wraps remained soft and not soggy after heating and I was able to make a lovely chicken wrap for dinner’

What we liked

The taste – you probably wouldn’t know it is gluten free by the taste alone

The packaging – may sound like a random point, but the packaging just makes eating gluten and wheat free food feel cool

What we would do differently

We’re looking forward to seeing BFree in more UK retailers


Wheat and Gluten Free Multigrain Wraps – £2.80 for 6

Wheat and Gluten Free High Fibre Brown Seeded Loaf (400g) – £2.49

Wheat & Gluten Free Low Fat Soft White Loaf (400g) – £2.49

Wheat & Gluten Free High Fibre Brown Seeded Rolls (4 x 75g) – £2.59

Wheat & Gluten Free Low Fat Soft White Rolls (4 x 75g) – £2.59

Where to find them

The Multigrain Wraps are available in the ‘free from’ aisle in Asda,

The full range is also available at Ocado

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In short

Tossed encourages a balanced approach by offering a wide choice of options


Tossed was recommended to us by a student athlete who liked the fact that he could get a healthy meal on the go. So we headed off to the branch in Westfield, Stratford City with a big appetite and high expectations.

Tosser Mug

The Tossed brand is clean and attractive and somehow manages to make healthy eating seem kinda fun. They are also more than happy to play up to their name with cute novelty items like mugs that say ‘I’m a tosser’ and ‘My man’s a tosser’.

Tossed - WorkWe were happy to see loads of little nutrition tips on the till and around the salad bar. The salad bar was full of lots of goodies which we tried to photograph but staff said photo taking was a no-no so you’ll have to get down there to check it out for yourself. You’ll find a number of protein options in addition to clean carbs and a wide range of sensible toppings and dressings. Vegetarian and vegan options are quite clearly signposted, and the menu appears to be fairly coeliac friendly (apart from the wraps) but it’s always worth asking the question.

Nutritional information can be downloaded from the site but you’ll need a calculator and a little patience to figure out the value of your meal.

There is a charge for swapping items on the house menu, unless you are a vegetarian and wish to swap a meat item for another item. Their menu also includes fresh fruit juices, low fat smoothies and milkshakes.

As much as we were in love with the ethos, options and attention to detail, we felt that our menu choices were a bit lacking in flavor and moreishness. To be fair, this may be down to the fact that we opted for cold options.

This is definitely a great place for anyone who has made a commitment to balanced, healthy living and whose taste buds have adjusted to their healthier lifestyle.

What we tried:

Chipotle Chicken Salad with a half brown rice and half lettuce base

Tossed Chicken Chipotle Salad








Greek Wrap

Tossed - Greek Wrap








What we liked

The fact that Tossed was the first UK establishment to display the nutritional value of their meals

The fact that they play up to their name

What we would do differently

Give an approximate nutritional value of some of the meals

Who can eat here?

Calorie Counters The Tossed menu is your oyster as all the calorie information you need is there
Carb Conscious Muscle Builder on a lettuce base
Gluten Aware Grilled Halloumi
Vegetarian Chipotle Salad or Wrap with Falafel
Vegan Greek Salad or Wrap with Avocado


Value for money

Their prices are a little on the steep end for what you are getting:

Chicken Chipotle Salad £7.45

Greek Wrap £6.95

Loyalty card

They are currently running an offer where you can get a week of hot drinks for a fiver with their coffee card. Ask in store for details.


You can see their list of stores here

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In short

Clean, great tasting on-the-go protein that you don’t have to drink


Beef jerky is one of those moreish snacks that some carb conscious busy bodies like because it adds variety to their diet. The biggest issues clean eaters have with beef jerky are the added sugar, gluten and MSG that finds its way into mainstream brands.

Pro Beef has managed to launch a beef jerky product that contains none of the above mentioned nasties that actually tastes good. Furthermore, it’s not as tough to chew as some other brands so you don’t feel your jaw muscles growing with every bite.

The biggest feature for us though, has to be the fact that it doesn’t stink out a room when you open it. Beef jerky is typically one of those snacks that everyone knows about if you are eating it in an enclosed space, but we tried ours on public transport and didn’t receive a single dirty look – result!

The only downer is that we had to wrestle with the packet a little in order to get into it. It’s ok if you’re at your desk and have a pair of scissors nearby but may be a bit of a challenge when you’re glycogen depleted post workout and finding it difficult to even tie your shoes!

Here’s how it stacks up against a mainstream brand:

What we tried:

Original flavour

Peri Peri flavour

What we liked

It’s clean, convenient and tasty

100% British grass fed beef

What we would do differently

Make the packet a little more user friendly

Who can eat this?

Obviously not vegetarians and vegans

It is, however, perfectly fine for Carb Conscious, Calorie Counters and Gluten Aware busy bodies

Value for money

At £2.99 a pop, it’s more expensive than other brands, but given the quality – that’s to be expected. Keep an eye on their website for promo codes

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Pro Beef Flyer


Honeybuns Bakery


Honeybuns Bakery






In short

Sp much more than just great gluten- free goodies


Honeybuns Bakery

We spotted Honeybuns at the IFE Show in 2013 and managed to get our paws on a bite sized sample of their brownies. That one teeny taste had us hooked and we wanted to find out more. After doing a little digging we realised that there was more to this brand than tasty cakes!

Honeybuns Bakery was started by Emma Goss-Custard when she was studying at uni. Using family recipes, she made cakes and supplied them to local cafes and businesses as a way to make extra money while studying. The recipes happened to use more ground almonds and polenta than wheat flour, so when the requests for gluten-free assurances increased, the business evolved into a gluten free, wheat free and dairy free bakery.

In addition to using quality ingredients and creating a range of products that are suitable for a variety of dietary requirements, Honeybuns Bakery is also dedicated to leaving as light a footprint as possible upon its surroundings.

The cake board inserts use card from a sustainable source, are printed with vegetable based inks and are recyclable. All packaging cardboard is sold to a local recycle company, who shred it into animal bedding and sell it back to Honeybuns to use for horse bedding. Furthermore, the 5 acres surrounding the bakery is now managed as a nature reserve.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, Honeybuns Bakery also has a few savoury treats in their range.

What we tried

Snowy Hills

Honeybuns - Snowy Hills







One of our testers felt that the lemon and ginger in this cake was perfectly balanced and was pleased that she wasn’t left with a nasty chemical aftertaste. She did, however, think that it was slightly too greasy for her liking.

Cranberry and Pecan Flapjack

Honeybuns - Cranberry and Pecan Flapjack







Another tester loved the packaging and was pleased that the texture wasn’t ‘gluten free powdery’ She also felt that the pecans made it that little bit more luxurious.


Honeybuns - Amondi







This one of Honeybuns’ dairy free options and is a rich alternative to the traditional amaretti. Both nutty yet chewy, the flavour combination make the Amondi feel somewhat indulgent.

Almond & Lightly Salted Pistachio Cookie

Honeybuns - Almond and Lightly Salted Pistachio Cookie







The flavour combination and texture make this is another great accompaniment to a cup of coffee. It’s sweet enough but not too sweet and has a chewy texture which leaves you feeling satisfied. This is also a dairy free treat.

Almond Moon

Honeybuns - Almond Moon







This would be a great mid afternoon snack as it is not too heavy, but still satiates. BBB tester feedback was that ‘it was yummy, but a teeny but pricey for what it is’.

Milk Chocolate Brownie

Honeybuns - Brownie







This is the winner for us. This doesn’t taste like a gluten free brownie; it tastes like a really good brownie. It’s rich, has a great texture and packs a chocolatey punch.

What we liked


The sheer variety of choice

The packaging – besides being environmentally responsible, it’s also really cute

The ingredient list for all products is available

Gluten, wheat AND dairy free considerations

Postage is free over £20

What we would do differently

Math isn’t everyone’s strong point so it would be great if the nutritional information provided was ‘per pack’ as well as ‘per 100g’

Who can eat here?

Calorie Counters, Gluten Aware, Vegetarians

Also great for anyone with dairy on their banned list

Value for money

Individual cookies are £1.50 and flapjacks and brownies are £1.70 – not too bad if you enjoy them as a treat but could get costly if you develop an addiction. It may be worth purchasing a refill pack which contains 6 treats for £9.80 or a refill pack of 12 minis which cost £12.10

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Located opposite Canary Wharf tube station (Reuters Plaza), is a brightly coloured kiosk serving wholesome, tasty roti rolls to the busybodies of Canary Wharf.

We weren’t really sure what to expect from the brightly coloured vendor, but we left feeling confident that no damage was done to our arteries or waistline. We were so impressed, in fact, that we took some time out to chat with one of the owners, Neelam Patel, to find out what really goes into a Kanapina roti roll.

Neelam assured us that the Kanapina menu was designed to be fresh and wholesome. Mustard oil is used where needed, chicken is grilled, and the beef is slow cooked. The most reassuring confirmation for us was that ghee is not used in the preparation of the meals.

It was while on holiday in India that Neelam noticed a distinct difference in Indian food in England and the food he was enjoying in India. Throughout the rest of his holiday he became more and more conscious of the difference not only in taste, but aroma and appearance. That was when the penny dropped and he realised that after its introduction to the UK, the quality of Indian food had gradually evolved from nutritionally wholesome and flavourful fare to calorie dense, commercial food.

On his return, he and a few others put their head down and developed the concept of Kanapina – ‘kana means ‘to eat’ and pina means ‘to drink’. The Kanapina menu is inspired from traditional family recipes and offers an option for pretty much anyone:

Calorie counters Nutritional values are only available for lassis at this stage, but management would like to include nutritional values on food soon too!


Carb conscious diners Chicken tikka or beef pondicherry nanga bowls are a winner


Coeliacs Chicken tikka, lamb sheikh kebab, beef pondicherry or shahi paneer tikka nanga bowl.


Vegetarians Shahi paneer tikka roti or nanga bowl, Dal vada roti or nanga bowl


Vegans Dal vada roti


Although only basic nutritional information is currently available for the lassis (see below), staff have an ingredient list they can refer to should you need to find out anything specific.

Mango lassi Pineapple & Coconut lassi Vanilla Bean & Raspberry lassi
Energy 105kcals 112kcals 122kcals
Protein 2.7g 1.8g 3.3g
Carbohydrates 12.4g 18.3g 13.3g
Total Fat 4.9g 3.6g 6.2g
Sodium <0.1g <0.1g <0.1g
250ml serving size


What we tried

The beef pondicherry roti, chicken tikka roti roll, shahi paneer tikka nanga bowl, lamb sheikh kebab nanga bowl.

What we liked

The flavour combinations and the fact that roti rolls are filling

What we would do differently

Add more salad to the nanga bowls

Value for Money

A Kanapina roti roll will run you less than a fiver making this a healthy meal that is kind to your pocket.

Loyalty Card

Free side on your 3rd purchase

Free drink on your 6th purchase

Free Roti Roll or Nanga Salad Bowl on your 10th purchase

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Gluten has a way of popping up in all sorts of products. This is what the founder of Cirillo Gluten Free chocolate found when her son was diagnosed with coeliac disease. After finding ways to tweak his general diet accordingly she realised she still had one more challenge to overcome: sweet treats.

She didn’t think it was fair that he was the only one of his classmates that couldn’t accept chocolates during the festive season due to the gluten so she decided to take matters into her own hands. She rolled up her sleeves and set about creating a chocolate product that was just as good as or better than other chocolate products. And that is how Cirillo was born.

When we tried the chocolates – we fell in love! The Milk Chocolate and Bresilienne flavours were rich, creamy and moreish – the way chocolate should be. The dairy free bar we tried was welcomed by our lactose and gluten intolerant tester. We say welcomed but in reality he snatched it off of us as he was so keen to tear into it. He felt that the thickness of the bar made it difficult to break pieces of the bar off, but in his case, it didn’t matter as he had no intention to share.

All in all, we think these bars would make a lovely gift for anyone in your life who has to manage a sweet tooth and an intolerance.

You can purchase and find out more about Cirillo chocolates here

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