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Covent Garden is set to be home to London’s first ever fresh yoghurt bar.

Not to be confused with the frozen yoghurt joints that have popped up with force over the past few years, Mandira  yoghurt bar serves fresh yoghurt bowls with a light fruit or vegetable topping, making a healthy snack or a deliciously simple standalone meal.

Although this is a new concept in the UK, in Turkey, “mandıra” are traditional shops selling artisanal dairy products which are found all across the country. The Mediterranean inspiration is evident in menu options like Hummus & Za’atar, Cucumber & Mint, Aubergine & Tomato Puree and the yoghurt bowls will be presented in a classic Mediterranean style with olive oil, pepper and salt.

Mandira Yoghurt Bar 2

There will also be options more suited to a Western palette such as Raspberry & Walnut, Granola & Strawberry and Blueberry & Green Apple.

Mandira Yoghurt Bar 3

Other menu items are also inspired by the Mediterranean such as their homemade, hearty soups and sandwiches served on traditional Turkish simit bread.

What’s more, Mandira uses only the freshest ingredients, including yoghurt sourced from a handful of small farms just outside the capital. Due to open end of April/beginning of May 2017, the Mandira yoghurt bar will be open seven days a week, for eating in or take away. In the meantime you can get your yoghurt fix via Deliveroo.

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