Vital Artillery Row online orderingDespite the media stories about growing obesity problems there is another one featuring a health craze. It appears that more and more people want to eat healthily, but seem to have less time available to preparing their own meals. At first glance Vital Ingredient is ‘just another salad bar’, but one of the things that sets them apart is the Vital Ingredient online ordering facility.

If you haven’t heard about Vital Ingredient before, they are definitely one to try. Salad making is a relatively straightforward business, but the folks at Vital Ingredient have really taken the time out to understand what ingredients work best together.

Standard menus include signature salads like our personal favourites – Nachos Grande and Super Cob, but also seasonal winners like Maple n’ Pear and Beef n’ Butternut Squash.

Although there is a menu per se with recommended combinations, you can also choose your own salad base and toppings. There are some pretty cool bases to choose from such as spiralised veg, quinoa and slaw.

The salad chain is so popular that it is not uncommon to see queues snaking out of the door.

This is why we thought we would give the online ordering a go. Although the queue moves quite quickly, nothing beats being able to walk in, grab your order and be back out the door and across the road before the traffic lights have changed.

So one lunchtime on a Friday, we jumped online to order a regular Beef n’ Butternut Squash salad and a pack of Tyrell’s crisps.

Placing the order was very straightforward: Go to the Vital Ingredient online ordering page, create an account (if you don’t have one already), select what you want from the menu, select the time you want to collect your order and pay. You can even customise your salad online the same way you would in-store.

Vital Online Ordering

Our order was placed at around 1245 and when we arrived at the branch at 5 minutes past 3, the salad was prepared and patiently waiting behind the til.

If you are super crunched for time, you can order for delivery if your delivery address is within a few miles of the branch. To use this service, though, your order needs to be over £20 and ordered by 11am for delivery for around 12pm.

The only drawback that we found to the collection service is that is not eligible for the Club Vital loyalty scheme, but if time is money it might be a worthwhile trade off.

How was the salad, you ask?

It was LOVELY! The Beef n’ Butternut Squash salad is made with rare roast beef, roasted butternut squash, broccoli, beetroot,  Emmental cheese and kale pesto dressing. We think it’s great with either the suggested crunchy slaw base or the cos lettuce.

Vital ingredient Beef n Butternut Squash

Vital Ingredient also cater to all of the BBB profiles – their downloadable Allergen information sheet is comprehensive and even covers celery, mustard and sulphites so that customers can be well informed before making an order.

All in all, the Vital Ingredient experience is generally a good one and if you happen to be time poor, you’ll find their online ordering service very useful.

Cash is set to be a thing of the past at healthy food chain Tossed. Their two newest branches – Coleman Street and Upper Thames Street – will be cash-free branches, accepting payments via contactless card, chip card, or an NFC mobile payment app such as Apple Pay only. Furthermore, the new branches will also be fitted with self-service kiosks putting the high street salad bar well ahead of the curve.

According to NFC World, the remaining Tossed branches will also be adopting this approach. The rationale appears to be to embrace opportunities that technology enable and to also reduce paper use.

Tossed - WorkTossed have never been averse to technology and utilised screens at tills to provide customers with further information on their products, however, this is a leap even for these forward thinkers.

BBB does wonder if this approach could potentially exclude some potential customers but on the surface it looks like the cash-free approach could be ideal for the super busy.

Photo 16-02-2016, 18 49 40It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon this funky juice and smoothie bar while making our way out of Oxford Circus Station.

Before you even step inside of the pop up, it’s clear that the folks at Supernatural are all about the natural life. The menu is simple but consistent: juices, smoothies, snacks and light lunches that are created with the macro and micro nutrient value in mind.


After visiting the shop, we did a bit of digging and found that we are actually a bit behind the curve! The juice makers have been shaking up the scene since 2012 and have worked with some pretty cool brands like Selfridges and Jo Malone. They were also the headline sponsors for London Health Week 2015.

We decided to try the Incredible Hulk smoothie made with spinach, avocado, banana, soya isolate protein, spirulina and coconut milk. We asked if the soya protein could be substituted for whey protein but they were out of whey on the day. We checked back on their website though and found that they are happy to replace soya isolate protein with whey protein, vegan protein or even maca powder.

Photo 16-02-2016, 13 45 46

Ultimately what mattered to us was that they knew their products and were able to explain their rationale for using certain ingredients.

The Super Hulk smoothie was good but the £6.95 price tag felt a smidge steep.

All in all, we love the consideration put into the menu, the use of wholesome ingredients and the story behind the company.


Their flagship store is in Canary Wharf, but they have had pop ups in various locations.

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My Vitamins has just launched their new Bioglan product range with a special 25% off for a limited time.

Originating in Australia over 25 years ago, Bioglan is a serious provider of quality vitamins, minerals and supplements and has a strong reputation for unique formulations and first to market innovations.

Superfoods are natural foods which contain a high concentration of nutrients and phytochemicals that are shown to have health benefits beyond those of ‘common’ foods. They are the most raw, natural, complete and pure form of nutrients available and can be conveniently added to your current diet to superpower your mealtimes!

Bioglan Superfoods use the highest quality ingredients in their unique blends and single ingredient products which are better absorbed by your body for the best possible result.

Their product range includes spirulina powder, wheat grass bites, ‘raaw’ juice and raw bites.

Products will be discounted until the 25th March, 2016.


Fresh food-to-go retailer has expanded their menu with a few new hot food heroes. These new menu additions are globally inspired and it’s no surprise that they feature a combination of colourful and healthy ingredients. There is one vegan option, one vegetarian option and four meat options to choose from!

EAT Chicken Pho Broth (1)

The hot water is added to the pot at the till so by the time you tuck in, the flavor infusions are already coming through. Choose from:

Vegetable Gyoza (vegetarian, 374 kcals)

A warming vegetarian broth filled with dumplings, Chinese cabbage, leafy spinach, crunchy carrot, red pepper and edamame beans, seasoned with shichimi and garnished with fresh coriander.

Hoisin Duck Gyoza (398 kcals)

A bed of noodles topped with layers of pak choi, carrot, Chinese cabbage, edamame beans, red peppers, spinach, pea shoots and duck gyoza dumplings, blended with a dash of lime juice in a tasty vegetable broth.

Chicken Pho (made without gluten, 330 kcals)

A fragrant lemongrass and ginger infused vegetable broth with rice noodles, crunchy carrots, pak choi, Chinese cabbage, red peppers, leafy spinach and topped off with chargrilled chicken, red chilli, fresh lime, coriander, spring onions and mint.

Sesame Shiitake Mushroom (vegan, 338 kcals)

A rich sesame broth bursting with shiitake mushrooms, pak choi, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, leafy spinach, spring onions, sesame seeds and crunchy edamame beans.

Harissa Spiced Chicken (507kcals)

This punchy spicy harissa and roasted pepper vegetable broth is filled with chargrilled chicken breast, the ancient grain freekah, and chickpeas and comes with spiralised carrots, leafy spinach and roasted butternut squash, topped with spiced dukkah almonds.

Kimchi Pork (448 kcals)

Slow-roasted pork and spicy kimchi served in a chilli vegetable broth with noodles, Chinese cabbage, leafy spinach, crunchy edamame beans, pea shoots, spring onions and pak choi, topped with fresh chives and sesame seeds.


Composite copy

No one disputes the health benefits of chocolate, however, a lot of the products that can be found on supermarket shelves aren’t ideal for someone with specific dietary requirements. With the Valentine’s season upon us, we thought we would pull together a list of traditional chocolate alternatives that might appeal to a Balanced Busy Body.

Protein Truffles

Protein Truffles BBBThese high protein, chocolate treats will be perfect for a Valentine who has a sweet tooth but wants to keep their carb intake in check.

According to the Protein Works, these treats are made by ‘infusing the protein blend with microencapsulated CLA, acetyl L-carnitine, chromium picolinate and fat-reduced cocoa powder to create a great tasting snack you can consume any time of the day’. For more info visit The Protein Works

Kallo Belgian Dark Chocolate Rice Cake Thins

Kallo BBBAt only 55 calories per rice cake thin, these are likely to appeal to a Calorie Counter. An ideal blend of ‘naughty’ and nice, these chocolate coated rice cakes are also suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs. You can find these treats in Waitrose and Holland and Barratt. Find out more about these lovely rice cake thins here



Choccy Apricot Munchy Seeds

Munchy Seeds BBBA long time favourite of BBB, these chocolate coated sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and dried apricot pieces can only be described as moreish. Suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs, Choccy Apricot Munchy Seeds are also a good source of Calcium, Vitamin E, Fibre, Zinc and Iron.



Bioglan Cacao and Quinoa Raw Bites

Bioglan Cacao & Quinoa BitesThese tasty bites are free from refined sugars, added flavours, colours and preservatives and contain two servings of superfoods. Made from only natural ingredients such as sultanas, cashew nuts, goji berries and cacao nibs (to name a few), these are perfect for Vegans. Find out more on their site




9Bar OriginalLike other quality chocolate alternatives, this mixed seed carob coated bar is high in fibre, vegan-friendly, gluten-free and made with no artificial colours or preservatives. 9BAR’s partnership with Solar Aid, makes this treat twice as nice because every bar sold provides a night’s clean, sustainable light for a child in Africa.



Naked Cocoa Delight

Nakd Cocoa DelightThis lovely bar is made with only 4 ingredients: real cocoa, dates and raisins. Nothing is used to make the ingredients stick – they just get ‘smooshed together into a lovely, handy snack bar’. Dairy, wheat and gluten free these treats are suitable for vegans and vegetarians AND Kosher Approved. Find out more here



The Raw Chocolate Raisins

Raw Chocolate Co BBBThese raw chocolate covered raisins are simple but tasty. Organic, vegan, gluten free and Kosher, treats from the Raw Chocolate Co are another BBB favourite and can be found in Holland and Barratt or their site




What are you favourite alternative chocolate treats? Let us know in the comments below!



The Raw Chocolate Company has given their Raw Chocolate Snacks a bit of a face lift. Far from just a cosmetic upgrade, the new packaging is also more sustainable AND user friendly!

The new the free standing, zip-loc bag maintains the integrity of the product better than previous packaging. More importantly, the fully printed pouch means that the Raw Chocolate Company have been able to eliminate the need for paper stickers which  prevents 1300 kg of paper going to landfill per year. The new packaging also results in a lighter overall weight of the package  which further reduces CO2 emissions from production and transport. The plastic used for the pouch is also recyclable at household recycling centres throughout the UK.

This is fantastic news for The Raw Chocolate Company, its customers and the environment. Kris McGowan, Marketing Manager says: “This initial launch shows the direction we are going in this year and how we attack every problem – a multi-faceted win-win-win solution. Our Raw Chocolate Bars and Make Your Own range will also get the same treatment in coming months – a smarter look and feel coupled with lower environmental impact and better preservation of the product. We couldn’t be more proud and happy, we’ve been working on this for a long time.”

The new packaging can currently be seen on 125g bags of:


Find out more about the Raw Chocolate Company here:

Balanced Busy Bodies is always on the lookout for products that are healthy but our interest will naturally be piqued by a product that whose name implies that it could help you look better.

The Beauty’In brand was developed in Brazil with beauty in mind. Their products claim to supplement the body’s nutrients without the addition of sugar, preservatives or trans fats. We sent a bar to a loyal BBusyBody to find out what she thought and this is what she said:

‘When BBB sent me the Beauty’In Beauty Bar to try I was delighted, a snack that makes me look good? I couldn’t wait to tuck in. Seriously though, this beauty bar with zero preservatives, zero artificial dyes and zero glucose syrup was the kind of snack I had been looking for.

I have been trying unsuccessfully to end a habit of unhealthy snacks that I have developed and I am aiming towards a healthier lifestyle.

The bar is actually not quite a bar, it’s actually six little cereal cubes, so when you open it, you could share if you wanted to. Not me though – haha.

The flavour I got was Apple, Raisins, Cashew and Honey.Beauty'In Bar

On my first bite I wasn’t overly impressed, it had a sort of tanginess to it that I wasn’t sure I liked, 5 more squares later though and I had acquired the taste and it  really filled the gap.

The bar has honey as a sweetener and is also enriched with vitamins, collagen.  Unfortunately, I don’t think eating collagen will get rid of your wrinkles.  Although many food products claim it does, there has been no scientific evidence to prove that. However it is a fantastic protein and does you no harm in eating it as protein helps you to stay fuller longer and that is fantastic.

I guess the real question is: ‘if it doesn’t get rid of wrinkles why on earth is it called a beauty bar’?

Well it’s because the company believe in beauty from the outside can only be achieved from taking care of yourself within, so they produce a range of products with this philosophy.

They have four other bars in their range available from Harvey Nichols for £2.50 – I will be checking the other flavours out!’

For more info check out:




TWIST Drink Vanilla Creme

In short

An interesting marriage of coffee and protein.


‘TWIST is a delicious blend of real Colombian coffee and whey protein isolate powder in a convenient bottle’.

The TWIST Drink appears to be created for those times when you kinda fancy a coffee and you kinda fancy a protein shake, but realistically we think it’s for those times when you need to top up your protein intake and don’t have the time, or aren’t in the environment to eat.

TWIST Drinks on the go

Whilst we love the concept and the detail of this product, we did struggle to understand exactly who this product is for. With 17g of protein and 73mg of caffeine per bottle it isn’t really a perfect match for the coffee connoisseur or the athlete. However, its nutritional profile does make it ideal as a stop gap product if your protein intake could use a boost.

The bottle size and easy mixing make it a great product for a desk drawer, bag or anywhere else BBusy Bodies stash their snacks. The TWIST drink ended up being a real life saver on days when there were back to back meetings.

Photo 23-06-2014 10 42 35One of the best features of the TWIST drink is the filter in the neck of the bottle, so that when you shake it up, you end up with a smooth drink. One tip: the colder the water, the nicer the drink!

The product is currently only available online but their Twitter feed suggests that they will be available in more retailers soon.

We quite liked the taste bit to ensure we weren’t biased we got the opinion of three testers. Here is what they thought of the Vanilla Crème Espresso drink:

Tester 1: It was good, but I wouldn’t necessarily buy it as it’s not a ‘special’ coffee

Tester 2: ‘I liked it! It tasted good and the bottle was well thought out. It’s like a healthy alternative to the high street iced latte’

Tester 3: ‘The sweetness of it stood out for me. I didn’t really get the coffee flavour that I wanted and it doesn’t contain huge amounts of caffeine or protein, but I’d reach for this over a protein bar if I needed a quick protein boost.’

If you like to the idea of your coffee with a twist or your protein shake with a twist, then is worth checking out. If however, you prefer keeping your coffee and your protein shake separate, you may want to give this a miss.

What we tried:

Vanilla crème espresso

What we liked

The bottle design ensures that your drink is always smooth

The size of the bottle makes it super easy to keep nearby

What we would do differently

Find a way to get the coffee flavor through

Suitable for

Calorie Counters

Carb Conscious

Gluten Aware

Value for money

There is currently an offer on their Espresso Protein Drink –  £11.94 for 6 but they are usually priced at £14.94 for a box of 6 which works out to £2.49 per bottle.

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Tortilla BurritoTortilla, the largest fast-casual Burrito restaurant group in the UK, recently announced that following independent research with a professional nutritional analysis firm, Tortilla burritos are higher in protein and lower in fat and calories than most high-street sandwiches.

That’s great news for those of you who have passed the popular burrito chain without giving it a second look because you assumed it would throw your diet of kilter.

In order to ensure their research was thorough, Tortilla provided samples and recipes for every single topping and filling to an accredited nutritional analysis firm. Thanks to this research, Tortilla was able to confirm that a regular chicken burrito has just 12.2g of fat and only 4.1g of saturated fat. This is a favourable and filling alternative to the typical lunchtime sandwich. Compare this to 24.8g of fat for a typical packaged chicken and avocado sandwich and it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to the Californian burrito restaurant for their lunchtime choice.

BBB has suspected for a while that Tortilla burritos were suitable for most busy bodies, but the provision of research means that we can now share facts with you and not hunches.  If you prefer to see for yourself, check out their burrito calculator on  to totty up the stats on your favourite burrito. 

The menu offers a range of authentic fillings and toppings such as chargrilled grilled chicken, carnitas – outdoor reared pork, slow cooked for hours until fall-apart tender and barbacoa, Scottish farm-assured beef, seared and braised in mellow adobo then shredded.  Furthermore, all of their beans are vegetarian.

The first restaurant opened in London, October 2007 and since then Tortilla has become the UK’s biggest burrito restaurant group with 13 locations around London, the South East and in Leeds

With a Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) two star rating, Tortilla also focus on their sustainability and provenance.

In Zagat’s 2013 awards Tortilla won Best Mexican Restaurant and was named a Best Buy. Not bad for a burrito joint, eh?