Photo 16-02-2016, 18 49 40It was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon this funky juice and smoothie bar while making our way out of Oxford Circus Station.

Before you even step inside of the pop up, it’s clear that the folks at Supernatural are all about the natural life. The menu is simple but consistent: juices, smoothies, snacks and light lunches that are created with the macro and micro nutrient value in mind.


After visiting the shop, we did a bit of digging and found that we are actually a bit behind the curve! The juice makers have been shaking up the scene since 2012 and have worked with some pretty cool brands like Selfridges and Jo Malone. They were also the headline sponsors for London Health Week 2015.

We decided to try the Incredible Hulk smoothie made with spinach, avocado, banana, soya isolate protein, spirulina and coconut milk. We asked if the soya protein could be substituted for whey protein but they were out of whey on the day. We checked back on their website though and found that they are happy to replace soya isolate protein with whey protein, vegan protein or even maca powder.

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Ultimately what mattered to us was that they knew their products and were able to explain their rationale for using certain ingredients.

The Super Hulk smoothie was good but the £6.95 price tag felt a smidge steep.

All in all, we love the consideration put into the menu, the use of wholesome ingredients and the story behind the company.


Their flagship store is in Canary Wharf, but they have had pop ups in various locations.

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