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Scrambled Eggs on the High Street

The high street breakfast as you know is soon to be a thing of the past.

When you think of breakfast from a high street restaurant chain, you’d be forgiven for thinking of porridge and yoghurt. Although the industry has tried to vary the breakfast menu in recent years, scrambled eggs have never been an option. Although we can’t be certain, it would make sense that some chains may have had doubts about the demand and also the preparation – I mean, eggs are great but not if they are cold and stale.

Two high street chains have decided to challenge the status quo and now have scrambled eggs on the menu.

First up is Starbucks who is definitely taking a big step away from the standard panini, toast and porridge. Their Hot Breakfast Boxes come in two options: Super Scrambled Eggs Tomato and Spinach and Spicy Chorizo, Poached Egg and Potato. Their hot boxes are actually kept in the display case and given to the barista to warm up when you order. So not freshly scrambled but definitely a break from the norm.

Scrambled Eggs - Starbucks

Next up is Vital Ingredient and in keeping with the Vital Ingredient ethos, the scrambled eggs are made right in front of you! You can choose from Old Fashioned Scrambled Egg (Natural, topped with cracked black pepper), Green Eggs Scrambled Egg (Avocado, feta and chilli flakes), Supreme Scrambled Egg (Smoked Salmon and fresh herbs) or Kick Starter Scrambled Egg (Ham hock, grana padano, and cracked black pepper). Vital have also added gluten free protein pancakes and protein smoothies to the menu.

Scrambled Eggs on the High Street

Although Leon isn’t offering scrambled eggs (yet), you’ve always been able to depend on their egg pots. And in addition to their egg pots, they have recently launched a very veggie egg pot with mushrooms, halloumi, beans and eggs – the combination of those flavours are spot on.

Scrambled Eggs on the High Street - Leon

So if you are a carb-conscious busy body who has previously been wary of high street breakfasts you can now head to the high street before 10am with confidence.


In short

A brilliant ‘clean eating’ dining experience


This place absolutely knocked our socks off!

Visited by both amateur and professional athletes alike, the menu at the restaurant is designed for customers who know what they want, but kind to those who are still learning the ropes of good nutrition.

Social media has been buzzing about this place for a while and for good reason.

When we walked into the Leyton branch we fell in love immediately. Normally when you think of restaurants that attract clean eaters and athletes, you can’t help but assume that the interior décor would be equally ‘tough’ or ‘rugged’, but the restaurant is designed and decorated in a way that says ‘yes, our menu is perfect for clean eaters but everyone is welcome!’

Gyms Kitchen Interior








Everything you need to make an informed decision is available on the menu: calories, fat, carbs and protein. The menu was also incredibly diverse and included appetisers, salads, wraps, protein pancakes – you can even order a banana split.

You’ll also find that there are options for vegetarians and the menu also indicates which meals are gluten free.

The food here is beautifully presented and the portion sizes are out of this world. When we ordered the tuna steak we genuinely expected one of those dainty sized portions that you get in other restaurants, but Gyms Kitchen make sure you leave fully satiated.

Another great attribute of this restaurant is the customer service – our waitress was polite, engaging, knowledgeable and friendly which added to our dining experience.

During our visit our server informed us that kitchen didn’t usually allow menu modifications as it could impact service times – an explanation we were quite happy with. Given that there is genuinely something for everyone on the menu, we felt it was a fair decision.

It’s obvious that a lot of thought was put into the execution of this restaurant, from the food and the staff to the bill pouch.

Gratuity was included in the price but we were so happy with the service that we wanted to leave a tip.

It didn’t feel like we were eating healthy as such, it felt as though we had gone out for dinner in a great restaurant that happened to serve nutritionally responsible food.

This is the type of place that we would like to see as a concession in gyms around the country.

Gyms Kitchen is proof that clean, honest food does not have to be boring or void of taste.

What we tried:

Gyms Kitchen Chicken Wings







Chicken Wings

Gyms Kitchen Grilled Halloumi 2







Grilled Halloumi

Gyms Kitchen Rump Steak 2







Rump Steak

Gyms Kitchen Tuna Steak 2







Tuna Steak

Gyms Kitchen Garlic Spinach and Spicy Rice









Garlic Spinach and Spicy Rice

Gyms Kitchen Banana Split 3








Banana Split

Gyms Kitchen Peanut Butter Ice Cream 2







Peanut Butter Protein Ice Cream

What we liked

  • Nutritional information is easy to find
  • Portion sizes are ample
  • Customer service is second to none

What we would do differently

Give the option of peanut butter ice cream in the banana split (pretty please!)

Who can eat here?

Carb Conscious and Calorie Counter Busy Bodies will have the most fun here but Gluten Aware, Vegetarian and Vegan Busy Bodies will also find suitable options on the menu.

Value for money

Our bill for all of the above came to £41.72 including gratuity.

We think this was incredibly good value for money – especially given the portion sizes.


Leyton: 388-392 High Road Leyton London United Kingdom E10 6RT

Gants Hill: 376 – 378 Cranbrook Road, Gants Hill, Essex, IG2 6HW

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In short

Clean, great tasting on-the-go protein that you don’t have to drink


Beef jerky is one of those moreish snacks that some carb conscious busy bodies like because it adds variety to their diet. The biggest issues clean eaters have with beef jerky are the added sugar, gluten and MSG that finds its way into mainstream brands.

Pro Beef has managed to launch a beef jerky product that contains none of the above mentioned nasties that actually tastes good. Furthermore, it’s not as tough to chew as some other brands so you don’t feel your jaw muscles growing with every bite.

The biggest feature for us though, has to be the fact that it doesn’t stink out a room when you open it. Beef jerky is typically one of those snacks that everyone knows about if you are eating it in an enclosed space, but we tried ours on public transport and didn’t receive a single dirty look – result!

The only downer is that we had to wrestle with the packet a little in order to get into it. It’s ok if you’re at your desk and have a pair of scissors nearby but may be a bit of a challenge when you’re glycogen depleted post workout and finding it difficult to even tie your shoes!

Here’s how it stacks up against a mainstream brand:

What we tried:

Original flavour

Peri Peri flavour

What we liked

It’s clean, convenient and tasty

100% British grass fed beef

What we would do differently

Make the packet a little more user friendly

Who can eat this?

Obviously not vegetarians and vegans

It is, however, perfectly fine for Carb Conscious, Calorie Counters and Gluten Aware busy bodies

Value for money

At £2.99 a pop, it’s more expensive than other brands, but given the quality – that’s to be expected. Keep an eye on their website for promo codes

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Lupita East exterior

In short

Authentic Mexican restaurant that doesn’t patronise diners who have specialist requirements.


Mexican food has been elbowing its way onto the London dining scene for the last few years with some hits and some misses so when we passed newcomer Lupita we thought we’d pop in to find out if it was a hit or a miss.

We visited Lupita East, which is located just a few minutes’ walk away from Aldgate East Station. The décor was minimal yet authentic, but the true beauty of the restaurant lies on the menu which offers a wide range of Mexican fare from burritos and tacos to soups and totopos Not only is the food authentic, it provides reasonable options for diners with specialist diet requirements.

You’ll find great options for vegetarians which include ingredients such as nopales (cactus), flor de calabaza (squash flour blossoms) and huitlacoche (Mexican truffles).

Coeliacs can request corn tortillas for dishes that are made with flour tortillas (except burritos). Our server explained that the restaurant will always try to modify a dish to meet your needs. However, requests should be reasonable – there have been requests in the past for quesadillas with no cheese…

Calorie counters can obtain calorie information on meals if you ask in advance. We took it upon ourselves to do a little enquiring and learned that the following dishes are below 400 calories:

  • Tostada Ceviche
  • Tostada Tuna
  • Tacos de Hongos ( Mushrooms)
  • Tacos Gobernador (asked with half portion of cheese)
  • Tortilla Soup, no avocado, no sour cream,
  • Sopa de Verduras
  • Prawn Nopales Salad
  • Ensalada Maya
  • Arroz ala Mexicana ( no sour Cream)

All in all this was a great Mexican experience and we would recommend Lupita to anyone who appreciates Mexican food – specialist requirements or not!

What we tried:

Chicharron de Queso y Guacamole

A tunnel of cheese served with guacamole. Heaven for cheese lovers.

Chicharron de Queso








Nopales tacos with corn tortillas (top)

Flor de calabaza quesadillas with corn tortillas (bottom)

Lupita tacos








Flan de cajeta (top)

Almond Daim chocolate tart (bottom)

Lupita desserts











What we liked

The authenticity of the menu from start to finish

The guacamole was the best we’ve tasted for a long time

The staff have a great understanding of the menu and confidently responded to diet specific queries

What we would do differently

Add a little more kick to one of the salsas

Include more of the nutritional attributes to their website

Who can eat here?

Lupita profile breakdown (592x834)















Value for money

Definitely. Two people can have a starter, main and drink for around £20 per head.


Lupita Central 13 – 15 Villiers Street, WC2N 6ND

Lupita East 60 – 62 Commercial Street, Spitalfields, E1 6LT

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