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Kebabs Get a Bad Wrap


…and understandably so considering what you’re sometimes met with when you walk into a kebab shop.


How ‘healthy’ your kebab is boils down to two things: your choice of meat and your choice of sauce.

The doner kebab – the preferred option for a lot of post ravers – has a shaky nutrition reputation. According to a BBC report in 2009 ‘Trading Standards officers have found doners with up to 22% fat, and up to 12g of salt – that’s two heaped teaspoons, double the recommended daily intake’.

Shish kebabs are definitely the way to go if you like Mediterranean tucker without the extra fat, sodium and general aggro of trying to figure out what is actually in your meal. If you’re keeping an eye on your fat intake, chicken is the leaner option.

Sauces are where people usually stumble. Chilli sauce and garlic sauce are the typical choices for kebabs, but house sauce, ketchup and burger sauce are alternative options.

If you can handle it, chilli sauce is the way to go. Although recipes vary from shop to shop, chilli sauce is basically a combination of tomatoes, onions, garlic, mint sauce, vinegar and chillies. No fat and all the benefits that come with chillies – vitamin C, vitamin A and capsaicin.

Garlic sauce is a bit more of a wild card –  traditional recipes only list yoghurt, minced garlic and lemon as ingredients. Unless your local kebab shop is prepared to let you read the label on their garlic sauce, it may be best to ask for it on the side or pass on it all together.

Burger sauce, house sauce and ketchup are definite wild cards. Burger and house sauce tend to use salad cream as a base while ketchup is generally loaded with sugar.

Regardless of the meat and/or sauce you choose, you can notch up the healthy factor by piling on the veggies: cabbage, onions, tomato, cucumbers and peppers.

The bottom line – a kebab is only as naughty or nice as you make it.

If you’ve seen the ads for Pronto meal delivery on the Underground and wondered what they were all about – we are now in a position to tell you.

Pronto Meal Delivery Advert on London Underground

With the rise of meal delivery service and Uber’s recent announcement that they too will be able to get a decent meal to your doorstep in quick time, it’s fair to say that meal deliveries are so this season.

To be clear, the concept of meal deliveries is not a new one. Pizza, Chinese food and curries have been delivery favourites for years, but normally during the evenings or at weekends. What these new companies are realising is that 1) people still want fast food, but they want healthier choices and 2) people want their food delivered to their desk.

So always up for an opportunity to try something new, we decided to give Pronto a go. Pronto prepare and deliver nutritionally balanced meals made with high quality, sustainably sourced ingredients.

The flashing images on the banner were a little confusing but the prompts were easy enough to follow. Pop your postcode in the box, click ‘Feed Me’ and Pronto will tell you whether or not they deliver to you.

Pronto Meal Delivery Home Page

If you are in their catchment, you’ll be taken to their menu which is simple but has an option for people with different dietary requirements.

Pronto Meal Delivery Menu

We’ve selected the Miso Glazed Cod – a low calorie meal made with freshly caught cod that is glazed in a sticky sweet miso reduction and sprinkled with black sesame seeds. The cod is accompanied with a side of green tea infused soba noodles, steamed tender-stem broccoli, freshly podded edamame beans, peas & crisp beansprouts.

The payment process is straightforward and address and payment details are stored for future purchases.

If you keep your browser open after you’ve placed the order you’ll see a real time status updated regarding your order.

Our meal actually arrived within 20 minutes and the packaging that it arrived in was very slick. We also really like the play on words: Goodbye Hungry, Hello Pronto. Everything we needed to get stuck in was there – the food, cutlery and salt and pepper. All that was missing was a napkin but it’s hardly a deal breaker.

Pronto Meal Delivery Packaging 2

Interestingly, the meal that arrived looked better than the meal that was shown on the site (in our opinion anyway). But how did it taste???

Pronto Meal Delivery Miso Cod

No complaints here. The food was well prepared and filling. Truth be told we want to – and probably will – check out the other menu items as well.

On the surface the £9 price tag feels a smidge steep, but the quality of the ingredients and the free delivery make it justifiable. Furthermore, we used a first time code which brought the cost down to £6 which then made it a bargain. As with anything, you get what you pay for and for the convenience of having a well prepared meal delivered to the desk the cost was fair.

It’s early days yet but so far what Pronto has to offer seems promising.

Find out more: www.pronto.co.uk


UberEats LondonNot content with disrupting the UK transport industry, Uber are now making their stamp on the food delivery industry.

The UberEATS app, which launched in London earlier this week, makes getting food as simple as it made getting home after a night out. Available for iOS and Android, the app connects you to dishes from over 150 restaurants in London.

It’s a bit of a win-win for everyone: Restaurants can depend on the Uber delivery network to expand their businesses and reach a new network of potential customers and delivery partners have access to new flexible economic opportunities.

The process is straightforward:

  • Download the app or go to ubereats.com
  • Sign in – you can use your existing Uber account for UberEATS – or create a new one.
  • Enter your delivery address
  • Browse local restaurants
  • Customise your order if needs be
  • Check out with a tap – pay with your card on file
  • Track your order – watch as your order gets picked up and delivered right to your door.
  • Rate each item of food and let others know what you think

The service will initially be available in Central London from 11am to 11pm, seven days a week but the delivery area will hopefully expand in the coming weeks. And there’s no minimum order requirement which is a plus.

For the first month UberEATS is offering free delivery and, if your food isn’t with you within 30 minutes, up to £20 off your next order*

If you are already a convert you can join the conversation and share your UberEATS experience on social media using #UberEATS

*If your order was £20 or less and your courier does not arrive within 30 minutes, you’ll receive up to £20 off your next order. For a limited time only.

Vital Artillery Row online orderingDespite the media stories about growing obesity problems there is another one featuring a health craze. It appears that more and more people want to eat healthily, but seem to have less time available to preparing their own meals. At first glance Vital Ingredient is ‘just another salad bar’, but one of the things that sets them apart is the Vital Ingredient online ordering facility.

If you haven’t heard about Vital Ingredient before, they are definitely one to try. Salad making is a relatively straightforward business, but the folks at Vital Ingredient have really taken the time out to understand what ingredients work best together.

Standard menus include signature salads like our personal favourites – Nachos Grande and Super Cob, but also seasonal winners like Maple n’ Pear and Beef n’ Butternut Squash.

Although there is a menu per se with recommended combinations, you can also choose your own salad base and toppings. There are some pretty cool bases to choose from such as spiralised veg, quinoa and slaw.

The salad chain is so popular that it is not uncommon to see queues snaking out of the door.

This is why we thought we would give the online ordering a go. Although the queue moves quite quickly, nothing beats being able to walk in, grab your order and be back out the door and across the road before the traffic lights have changed.

So one lunchtime on a Friday, we jumped online to order a regular Beef n’ Butternut Squash salad and a pack of Tyrell’s crisps.

Placing the order was very straightforward: Go to the Vital Ingredient online ordering page, create an account (if you don’t have one already), select what you want from the menu, select the time you want to collect your order and pay. You can even customise your salad online the same way you would in-store.

Vital Online Ordering

Our order was placed at around 1245 and when we arrived at the branch at 5 minutes past 3, the salad was prepared and patiently waiting behind the til.

If you are super crunched for time, you can order for delivery if your delivery address is within a few miles of the branch. To use this service, though, your order needs to be over £20 and ordered by 11am for delivery for around 12pm.

The only drawback that we found to the collection service is that is not eligible for the Club Vital loyalty scheme, but if time is money it might be a worthwhile trade off.

How was the salad, you ask?

It was LOVELY! The Beef n’ Butternut Squash salad is made with rare roast beef, roasted butternut squash, broccoli, beetroot,  Emmental cheese and kale pesto dressing. We think it’s great with either the suggested crunchy slaw base or the cos lettuce.

Vital ingredient Beef n Butternut Squash

Vital Ingredient also cater to all of the BBB profiles – their downloadable Allergen information sheet is comprehensive and even covers celery, mustard and sulphites so that customers can be well informed before making an order.

All in all, the Vital Ingredient experience is generally a good one and if you happen to be time poor, you’ll find their online ordering service very useful.

In short

Tasty and convenient nut, gluten and milk free food delivered to your doorstep


Cooking your own meals is the best way to ensure that your meals truly meet your dietary requirements but sometimes our busy schedules don’t leave us with enough time to get in the kitchen and prepare lunch for the next day.

While it is helpful to know which restaurants can cater to your requests, every now and again life throws a spanner at you which confines you to your desk during lunch.

For days like that, an Ilumi meal would be just the thing you need to get you through your busy lunch. Ilumi deliver great tasting, nut, gluten and milk free meals in convenient pouches that will neatly fit in your desk drawer, handbag or backpack.

Using the best quality ingredients from British suppliers, their meals are prepared in such a way that they don’t need to be refrigerated so you don’t need to worry about fighing for space in the office fridge.

Furthermore, every detail you need to know about the food can be found on the packet: ingredients, carbs, protein, fat. As a matter of fact, the only thing is missing is the amount of fibre per meal.

Anything this nutritionally balanced sounds as though it should only taste of cardboard, but we can honestly say that the chefs haven’t skimped on flavor.

The best bit, though, is that the meals are delivered to wherever you need them to be delivered. There’s not much more that a busy body could ask for.

What we tried:

Slow Cooked Beef casserole

Photo 11-07-2013 00 46 58








We also ordered the Lamb Rogan Josh, Thai Red Chicken Curry and Cardamom Chicken

Photo 03-07-2013 11 44 13







What we liked

The convenience

The responsible approach to food

The taste

What we would do differently

Include the fibre content of meals

Who can eat here?

All Balanced Busy Bodies – Calorie Counters, Carb Conscious, Gluten Aware, Vegetarian and Vegan

Value for money

The highest priced meal costs £3.50 and soups are around £1.75. Plan ahead and you can keep order a week’s worth of lunch for under £25.

Find out more