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Scrambled Eggs on the High Street

The high street breakfast as you know is soon to be a thing of the past.

When you think of breakfast from a high street restaurant chain, you’d be forgiven for thinking of porridge and yoghurt. Although the industry has tried to vary the breakfast menu in recent years, scrambled eggs have never been an option. Although we can’t be certain, it would make sense that some chains may have had doubts about the demand and also the preparation – I mean, eggs are great but not if they are cold and stale.

Two high street chains have decided to challenge the status quo and now have scrambled eggs on the menu.

First up is Starbucks who is definitely taking a big step away from the standard panini, toast and porridge. Their Hot Breakfast Boxes come in two options: Super Scrambled Eggs Tomato and Spinach and Spicy Chorizo, Poached Egg and Potato. Their hot boxes are actually kept in the display case and given to the barista to warm up when you order. So not freshly scrambled but definitely a break from the norm.

Scrambled Eggs - Starbucks

Next up is Vital Ingredient and in keeping with the Vital Ingredient ethos, the scrambled eggs are made right in front of you! You can choose from Old Fashioned Scrambled Egg (Natural, topped with cracked black pepper), Green Eggs Scrambled Egg (Avocado, feta and chilli flakes), Supreme Scrambled Egg (Smoked Salmon and fresh herbs) or Kick Starter Scrambled Egg (Ham hock, grana padano, and cracked black pepper). Vital have also added gluten free protein pancakes and protein smoothies to the menu.

Scrambled Eggs on the High Street

Although Leon isn’t offering scrambled eggs (yet), you’ve always been able to depend on their egg pots. And in addition to their egg pots, they have recently launched a very veggie egg pot with mushrooms, halloumi, beans and eggs – the combination of those flavours are spot on.

Scrambled Eggs on the High Street - Leon

So if you are a carb-conscious busy body who has previously been wary of high street breakfasts you can now head to the high street before 10am with confidence.


Conscious Cake Higher Heart Chakra Vanilla & Gold

The Conscious Cake Company Higher Heart Chakra Vanilla & Gold

What do you call a sugar-free, nut-free, wheat-free and gluten free cake? A Conscious Cake!

In addition to being the healthy, these cakes are also a movement for political, social and economic change in the food industry.

These Conscious Cake Company’s artisan cupcakes are not just the healthiest cupcakes money can buy – they are also a movement for political, social and economic change in the food industry and business in the UK and around the world.

Owner Danica Apolline started making healthy cakes for her young son, these cupcakes are organic, vegan, and free from cane sugar, wheat, gluten, nuts and GMOs. Passionate about the science behind blessing food with love, each has a wish for health, happiness and love for everyone who eats one.

The Conscious Cake Company Mini CupcakesYou’ll find flavours such as Root Chakra Chocolate Orange, Higher Heart Chakra Vanilla & Gold and Solar Plexus Chakra Lemon. Mini cupcakes can be purchased in boxes of 12 or 24 or you can opt for a chocolate or chocolate orange cake.

The Conscious Cake Company goes beyond their cakes when looking at how to challenge the status quo – they have also created a business environment free from toxic chemicals used in cleaners and air fresheners, challenged the wage disparity between employees and introduced a Kindness Policy across the business.

If you want to try their cakes for yourself you can order them from Yumbles (free delivery in London).

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TWIST Drink Vanilla Creme

In short

An interesting marriage of coffee and protein.


‘TWIST is a delicious blend of real Colombian coffee and whey protein isolate powder in a convenient bottle’.

The TWIST Drink appears to be created for those times when you kinda fancy a coffee and you kinda fancy a protein shake, but realistically we think it’s for those times when you need to top up your protein intake and don’t have the time, or aren’t in the environment to eat.

TWIST Drinks on the go

Whilst we love the concept and the detail of this product, we did struggle to understand exactly who this product is for. With 17g of protein and 73mg of caffeine per bottle it isn’t really a perfect match for the coffee connoisseur or the athlete. However, its nutritional profile does make it ideal as a stop gap product if your protein intake could use a boost.

The bottle size and easy mixing make it a great product for a desk drawer, bag or anywhere else BBusy Bodies stash their snacks. The TWIST drink ended up being a real life saver on days when there were back to back meetings.

Photo 23-06-2014 10 42 35One of the best features of the TWIST drink is the filter in the neck of the bottle, so that when you shake it up, you end up with a smooth drink. One tip: the colder the water, the nicer the drink!

The product is currently only available online but their Twitter feed suggests that they will be available in more retailers soon.

We quite liked the taste bit to ensure we weren’t biased we got the opinion of three testers. Here is what they thought of the Vanilla Crème Espresso drink:

Tester 1: It was good, but I wouldn’t necessarily buy it as it’s not a ‘special’ coffee

Tester 2: ‘I liked it! It tasted good and the bottle was well thought out. It’s like a healthy alternative to the high street iced latte’

Tester 3: ‘The sweetness of it stood out for me. I didn’t really get the coffee flavour that I wanted and it doesn’t contain huge amounts of caffeine or protein, but I’d reach for this over a protein bar if I needed a quick protein boost.’

If you like to the idea of your coffee with a twist or your protein shake with a twist, then is worth checking out. If however, you prefer keeping your coffee and your protein shake separate, you may want to give this a miss.

What we tried:

Vanilla crème espresso

What we liked

The bottle design ensures that your drink is always smooth

The size of the bottle makes it super easy to keep nearby

What we would do differently

Find a way to get the coffee flavor through

Suitable for

Calorie Counters

Carb Conscious

Gluten Aware

Value for money

There is currently an offer on their Espresso Protein Drink –  £11.94 for 6 but they are usually priced at £14.94 for a box of 6 which works out to £2.49 per bottle.

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In short

A tasty wheat free, gluten free AND dairy free bread – now at a supermarket near you


We discovered the BFree brand while visiting the International Food and Drink Event in ExCel last year.

BFree Bread Shaped BenchInitially we were intrigued by the bread shaped bench on their stand, but when we discovered that they were a gluten free brand we were excited! Staff was more than happy to chat with us about their brand and it only took a few minutes for us to realise that BFree Foods are serious about ensuring that coeliacs can enjoy a sandwich:

  • They work with experts in their fields to ensure that the full range has the best nutritional profile possible.
  • BFree has developed a recipe and composition that replaces the gluten and wheat and with natural ingredients.
  • BFree’s breads contain a blend of natural flours, starches and proteins and are made in a dedicated gluten free facility with batch testing done on all productions to ensure that there are no traces of gluten.

Most interestingly for us is the fact that unlike many GF products, BFree have the lowest fat content (1.5%), are high in fibre and have the lowest calorie breads in the ‘Free From’ market at just 60 calories per slice.

What more could you ask for in a gluten free bread?


Photo 20-03-2013 10 31 03When we tasted the bread we were pleased that we couldn’t tell that it was a gluten free bread, but to ensure that our opinion wasn’t biased (the stand was that cool) we asked some of our testers for their opinion.

Our coeliac tester said: ‘The bread was nice and soft and toasted well! It didn’t go horribly dry after toasting which happens with some other brands’.

Our non-coeliac tester noted that ‘the wraps are fine cold, but when we heated them they had a different smell than we were used to. That said, the wraps remained soft and not soggy after heating and I was able to make a lovely chicken wrap for dinner’

What we liked

The taste – you probably wouldn’t know it is gluten free by the taste alone

The packaging – may sound like a random point, but the packaging just makes eating gluten and wheat free food feel cool

What we would do differently

We’re looking forward to seeing BFree in more UK retailers


Wheat and Gluten Free Multigrain Wraps – £2.80 for 6

Wheat and Gluten Free High Fibre Brown Seeded Loaf (400g) – £2.49

Wheat & Gluten Free Low Fat Soft White Loaf (400g) – £2.49

Wheat & Gluten Free High Fibre Brown Seeded Rolls (4 x 75g) – £2.59

Wheat & Gluten Free Low Fat Soft White Rolls (4 x 75g) – £2.59

Where to find them

The Multigrain Wraps are available in the ‘free from’ aisle in Asda,

The full range is also available at Ocado

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Honeybuns Bakery


Honeybuns Bakery






In short

Sp much more than just great gluten- free goodies


Honeybuns Bakery

We spotted Honeybuns at the IFE Show in 2013 and managed to get our paws on a bite sized sample of their brownies. That one teeny taste had us hooked and we wanted to find out more. After doing a little digging we realised that there was more to this brand than tasty cakes!

Honeybuns Bakery was started by Emma Goss-Custard when she was studying at uni. Using family recipes, she made cakes and supplied them to local cafes and businesses as a way to make extra money while studying. The recipes happened to use more ground almonds and polenta than wheat flour, so when the requests for gluten-free assurances increased, the business evolved into a gluten free, wheat free and dairy free bakery.

In addition to using quality ingredients and creating a range of products that are suitable for a variety of dietary requirements, Honeybuns Bakery is also dedicated to leaving as light a footprint as possible upon its surroundings.

The cake board inserts use card from a sustainable source, are printed with vegetable based inks and are recyclable. All packaging cardboard is sold to a local recycle company, who shred it into animal bedding and sell it back to Honeybuns to use for horse bedding. Furthermore, the 5 acres surrounding the bakery is now managed as a nature reserve.

If you don’t have a sweet tooth, Honeybuns Bakery also has a few savoury treats in their range.

What we tried

Snowy Hills

Honeybuns - Snowy Hills







One of our testers felt that the lemon and ginger in this cake was perfectly balanced and was pleased that she wasn’t left with a nasty chemical aftertaste. She did, however, think that it was slightly too greasy for her liking.

Cranberry and Pecan Flapjack

Honeybuns - Cranberry and Pecan Flapjack







Another tester loved the packaging and was pleased that the texture wasn’t ‘gluten free powdery’ She also felt that the pecans made it that little bit more luxurious.


Honeybuns - Amondi







This one of Honeybuns’ dairy free options and is a rich alternative to the traditional amaretti. Both nutty yet chewy, the flavour combination make the Amondi feel somewhat indulgent.

Almond & Lightly Salted Pistachio Cookie

Honeybuns - Almond and Lightly Salted Pistachio Cookie







The flavour combination and texture make this is another great accompaniment to a cup of coffee. It’s sweet enough but not too sweet and has a chewy texture which leaves you feeling satisfied. This is also a dairy free treat.

Almond Moon

Honeybuns - Almond Moon







This would be a great mid afternoon snack as it is not too heavy, but still satiates. BBB tester feedback was that ‘it was yummy, but a teeny but pricey for what it is’.

Milk Chocolate Brownie

Honeybuns - Brownie







This is the winner for us. This doesn’t taste like a gluten free brownie; it tastes like a really good brownie. It’s rich, has a great texture and packs a chocolatey punch.

What we liked


The sheer variety of choice

The packaging – besides being environmentally responsible, it’s also really cute

The ingredient list for all products is available

Gluten, wheat AND dairy free considerations

Postage is free over £20

What we would do differently

Math isn’t everyone’s strong point so it would be great if the nutritional information provided was ‘per pack’ as well as ‘per 100g’

Who can eat here?

Calorie Counters, Gluten Aware, Vegetarians

Also great for anyone with dairy on their banned list

Value for money

Individual cookies are £1.50 and flapjacks and brownies are £1.70 – not too bad if you enjoy them as a treat but could get costly if you develop an addiction. It may be worth purchasing a refill pack which contains 6 treats for £9.80 or a refill pack of 12 minis which cost £12.10

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In short

Tasty and convenient nut, gluten and milk free food delivered to your doorstep


Cooking your own meals is the best way to ensure that your meals truly meet your dietary requirements but sometimes our busy schedules don’t leave us with enough time to get in the kitchen and prepare lunch for the next day.

While it is helpful to know which restaurants can cater to your requests, every now and again life throws a spanner at you which confines you to your desk during lunch.

For days like that, an Ilumi meal would be just the thing you need to get you through your busy lunch. Ilumi deliver great tasting, nut, gluten and milk free meals in convenient pouches that will neatly fit in your desk drawer, handbag or backpack.

Using the best quality ingredients from British suppliers, their meals are prepared in such a way that they don’t need to be refrigerated so you don’t need to worry about fighing for space in the office fridge.

Furthermore, every detail you need to know about the food can be found on the packet: ingredients, carbs, protein, fat. As a matter of fact, the only thing is missing is the amount of fibre per meal.

Anything this nutritionally balanced sounds as though it should only taste of cardboard, but we can honestly say that the chefs haven’t skimped on flavor.

The best bit, though, is that the meals are delivered to wherever you need them to be delivered. There’s not much more that a busy body could ask for.

What we tried:

Slow Cooked Beef casserole

Photo 11-07-2013 00 46 58








We also ordered the Lamb Rogan Josh, Thai Red Chicken Curry and Cardamom Chicken

Photo 03-07-2013 11 44 13







What we liked

The convenience

The responsible approach to food

The taste

What we would do differently

Include the fibre content of meals

Who can eat here?

All Balanced Busy Bodies – Calorie Counters, Carb Conscious, Gluten Aware, Vegetarian and Vegan

Value for money

The highest priced meal costs £3.50 and soups are around £1.75. Plan ahead and you can keep order a week’s worth of lunch for under £25.

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Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching which means we are soon to be surrounded by promotions and offers on flowers, wine and chocolate.

While the first two luxuries are pretty manageable for some of our busy bodies, the latter can wreak havoc for the diets of most of us if we don’t plan carefully.

It is worth noting that unadulterated cocoa offers some pretty impressive health benefits. Dark chocolate specifically contains a significant amount of magnesium – which is necessary for your nerves and muscles to function correctly. It also contains flavanoids (antioxidants) which support a healthy heart. Unfortunately most of the chocolate that we find on the shelves has been through so much manufacturing and processing that the benefits are dwarfed by the added sugar and fat. Add to that the complexities of specialist diets and choosing chocolate can feel like more hassle than it’s worth.

Thankfully, the choice of Valentine’s chocolate for specialist diets is a lot wider than it used to be and you should be able to find a treat that fits into your lifestyle should you wish to indulge. We did some digging just in case you or your Valentine wants to indulge a little without compromising on your lifestyle needs.

Calorie Counters

If you’re prepared to try a Valentine’s treat that is off the beaten path, a small, chocolate frozen yogurt from Pinkberry may be just the treat for you. It may be a little unconventional for Valentine’s Day but will only set you back 150 calories. In addition to being low in calories, Pinkberry yogurt contains live and active cultures, so it’s a treat worth enjoying.

Carb Conscious

Carb Conscious busy bodies have the most challenging dilemma as the ingredient that really makes chocolate scrumptious is sugar which leaves you with three options – schedule your cheat meal for Valentine’s Day, try some raw cacao or go for sugar free chocolates.

Sugar free chocolates are not necessarily carb conscious per se, but they are made with sweetener instead of refined sugar which will inevitably lower the carb content slightly.

A word of caution: if the packaging states that excessive consumption may have laxative effects, heed the warning and eat a sensible amount of the chocolate or you may regret it in a few hours.

One good option is a Cavalier Belgian Dark Chocolate bar which is sweetened with Stevia.

Gluten Aware

A gluten free chocolate cake from Gluten Free Delices is enough to knock the socks off of most chocolate lovers. It’s so rich and chocolatey that you only need a small slice to satisfy your sweet tooth!

A rich, gooey gluten-free brownie from Just Brownies made with Dove’s gluten free flour and dark chocolate will also do the trick.

If a good old fashioned chocolates are what you or your Valentine desires, try something from gluten free chocolatiers Cirillo. Their dark chocolate lollipops (left) are dairy free also.




‘Surely all chocolate is suitable for vegetarians’, we hear you say. Alas, this is not necessarily the case. Whilst MOST chocolate is suitable for vegetarians it is fair to say that the higher the quality of chocolate you go for, the more likely it is to be suitable for vegetarians. We actually stumbled upon a pot of chocolate mousse from a popular manufacturer that contains pork gelatine. Whilst we won’t call them out, we will point out that chocolate from places like Green & Blacks and Montezuma are suitable for vegetarians.


Hotel Chocolat have developed a range of chocolates that are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike however, their website states the following: ‘our chocolate is made in the same environment as milk chocolate, we cannot guarantee that it is free from milk traces’.

If you want chocolate that’s free from caveats, try Moo Free Luxury Dairy Free Chocolate Pralines. These treats are dairy free, lactose free, gluten free and wheat free.







Happy Valentines!