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Tortilla Vegetarian

Tortilla has always looked out for their vegetarian customers by providing a menu that is easily customisable but in recent months they have joined the Vegetarian Society – the only legally licensed vegetarian trademark registered globally.

If you don’t know who Tortilla are yet, here is a quick overview:

Tortilla started on 2007 after the owners saw a gap in the market for good burritos and tacos. More than just burrito producers, Tortilla take special care to ensure that they operate sustainably. They use grass fed beef and higher welfare chicken and pork, minimise ‘food miles’ by purchasing most of their ingredients from within the UK, prioritising organic food and providing recycling in their restaurants.

Tortilla work hard to keep the customer first by offering healthier options like the lower carb naked burrito and providing nutritional information for their meals so that customers can make informed decisions.

By the time you add free guacamole for vegetarian diners to their list of attributes, it makes it hard to not want to at least give them a try.

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*Guacamole is a additional cost for non-vegetarian customers


Tortilla BurritoTortilla, the largest fast-casual Burrito restaurant group in the UK, recently announced that following independent research with a professional nutritional analysis firm, Tortilla burritos are higher in protein and lower in fat and calories than most high-street sandwiches.

That’s great news for those of you who have passed the popular burrito chain without giving it a second look because you assumed it would throw your diet of kilter.

In order to ensure their research was thorough, Tortilla provided samples and recipes for every single topping and filling to an accredited nutritional analysis firm. Thanks to this research, Tortilla was able to confirm that a regular chicken burrito has just 12.2g of fat and only 4.1g of saturated fat. This is a favourable and filling alternative to the typical lunchtime sandwich. Compare this to 24.8g of fat for a typical packaged chicken and avocado sandwich and it’s no wonder that more and more people are turning to the Californian burrito restaurant for their lunchtime choice.

BBB has suspected for a while that Tortilla burritos were suitable for most busy bodies, but the provision of research means that we can now share facts with you and not hunches.  If you prefer to see for yourself, check out their burrito calculator on www.tortillatogo.co.uk  to totty up the stats on your favourite burrito. 

The menu offers a range of authentic fillings and toppings such as chargrilled grilled chicken, carnitas – outdoor reared pork, slow cooked for hours until fall-apart tender and barbacoa, Scottish farm-assured beef, seared and braised in mellow adobo then shredded.  Furthermore, all of their beans are vegetarian.

The first restaurant opened in London, October 2007 and since then Tortilla has become the UK’s biggest burrito restaurant group with 13 locations around London, the South East and in Leeds

With a Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) two star rating, Tortilla also focus on their sustainability and provenance.

In Zagat’s 2013 awards Tortilla won Best Mexican Restaurant and was named a Best Buy. Not bad for a burrito joint, eh?