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Conscious Cake Higher Heart Chakra Vanilla & Gold

The Conscious Cake Company Higher Heart Chakra Vanilla & Gold

What do you call a sugar-free, nut-free, wheat-free and gluten free cake? A Conscious Cake!

In addition to being the healthy, these cakes are also a movement for political, social and economic change in the food industry.

These Conscious Cake Company’s artisan cupcakes are not just the healthiest cupcakes money can buy – they are also a movement for political, social and economic change in the food industry and business in the UK and around the world.

Owner Danica Apolline started making healthy cakes for her young son, these cupcakes are organic, vegan, and free from cane sugar, wheat, gluten, nuts and GMOs. Passionate about the science behind blessing food with love, each has a wish for health, happiness and love for everyone who eats one.

The Conscious Cake Company Mini CupcakesYou’ll find flavours such as Root Chakra Chocolate Orange, Higher Heart Chakra Vanilla & Gold and Solar Plexus Chakra Lemon. Mini cupcakes can be purchased in boxes of 12 or 24 or you can opt for a chocolate or chocolate orange cake.

The Conscious Cake Company goes beyond their cakes when looking at how to challenge the status quo – they have also created a business environment free from toxic chemicals used in cleaners and air fresheners, challenged the wage disparity between employees and introduced a Kindness Policy across the business.

If you want to try their cakes for yourself you can order them from Yumbles (free delivery in London).

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In short

Tasty and convenient nut, gluten and milk free food delivered to your doorstep


Cooking your own meals is the best way to ensure that your meals truly meet your dietary requirements but sometimes our busy schedules don’t leave us with enough time to get in the kitchen and prepare lunch for the next day.

While it is helpful to know which restaurants can cater to your requests, every now and again life throws a spanner at you which confines you to your desk during lunch.

For days like that, an Ilumi meal would be just the thing you need to get you through your busy lunch. Ilumi deliver great tasting, nut, gluten and milk free meals in convenient pouches that will neatly fit in your desk drawer, handbag or backpack.

Using the best quality ingredients from British suppliers, their meals are prepared in such a way that they don’t need to be refrigerated so you don’t need to worry about fighing for space in the office fridge.

Furthermore, every detail you need to know about the food can be found on the packet: ingredients, carbs, protein, fat. As a matter of fact, the only thing is missing is the amount of fibre per meal.

Anything this nutritionally balanced sounds as though it should only taste of cardboard, but we can honestly say that the chefs haven’t skimped on flavor.

The best bit, though, is that the meals are delivered to wherever you need them to be delivered. There’s not much more that a busy body could ask for.

What we tried:

Slow Cooked Beef casserole

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We also ordered the Lamb Rogan Josh, Thai Red Chicken Curry and Cardamom Chicken

Photo 03-07-2013 11 44 13







What we liked

The convenience

The responsible approach to food

The taste

What we would do differently

Include the fibre content of meals

Who can eat here?

All Balanced Busy Bodies – Calorie Counters, Carb Conscious, Gluten Aware, Vegetarian and Vegan

Value for money

The highest priced meal costs £3.50 and soups are around £1.75. Plan ahead and you can keep order a week’s worth of lunch for under £25.

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