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You’d be forgiven for assuming that veggie balls would be bland and pointless, but we’ve given them a go and can honestly say that they are delicious.

Heck veggie balls

Heck Foods, the brand behind Heck sausages seems to have understood that the rise of flexitarianism was an opportunity to launch meat free products to the standard that they make their other products.

Whether you opt for the Super Green balls or the Thai Bite balls, we think you will be pleasantly surprised with their flavour and texture. They don’t taste like a meat substitute – they taste like fragrant, well-seasoned vegetables.

The Super Green veggie balls are made with quinoa, spinach, kale and ginger and a serving size (three meatballs) is only 124kcals. There are 9 veggie balls in a pack and the preparation is easy – bung ’em in the oven for about 25 minutes, turning over halfway through.

We tried them on a bed of rocket with linguine, but think they are likely to taste great in a wrap, on a salad, with rice… you get the drift. Whether you are a die hard or fair-weathered vegetarian, these veggie balls are versatile enough for a number of meal ideas.

If you want to give them a go you can get them at Waitrose or via the Heck Foods website


Savage Salads


We heard about Savage Salads through the grapevine (by grapevine we mean spotting someone with a Savage Salads box and interrogating them for details) and found them halfway down Strutton Ground near St James’ Park station.

Savage Salads Strutton GroundWhen we visited, the Savage Salad stall was popular  and the branding kinda made you feel like you were doing something a little rebellious – in a good way.

Although the humble salad has generally evolved from its leafy and unsubstantial reputation, the Savage Salads offering is definitely a break from the norm.

The base was a combination of four different types of salads:

  • White & red cabbage, dried apricots, kale, orange, poppy seeds
  • Roasted beetroots, quinoa, pumpkin seeds
  • Grilled aubergine, peppers, chickpeas, rocket, chilli and
  • Panzanella

Savage Salads Halloumi  Savage Salads Chicken

Our salads were dressed with a drizzle of olive oil before being topped with grilled halloumi on one salad and rosemary, thyme & lemon marinated chicken breast on the other. Everything was prepared right in front of us, the flavours had a summery vibe and the salads were delicious.

Savage Salads Freshly Prepared

The only criticism we could find was that the cutlery felt a lslightly insubstantial for such a savage salad – more time was spent trying to recover chickpeas that fell back in the box than actually enjoying the chickpeas.

While there is no nutritional information available, given how good the ingredients are its safe to say that the salads are good for ya. If you are coeliac it’s worth double checking which of the salads may have gluten.

The simple menu made a refreshing change as it’s always great to find a place that sticks to a couple of things and does them well – too much choice can be bewildering for a busy body at lunchtime.

If you want to give try them you can currently find them at:

Berwick Street Market in Soho Monday-Friday

Strutton Ground in Victoria Monday-Wednesday

St Giles in the fields market in Covent Garden every Thursday

For up to date information check out their website and connect with them via social media

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