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Tossed encourages a balanced approach by offering a wide choice of options


Tossed was recommended to us by a student athlete who liked the fact that he could get a healthy meal on the go. So we headed off to the branch in Westfield, Stratford City with a big appetite and high expectations.

Tosser Mug

The Tossed brand is clean and attractive and somehow manages to make healthy eating seem kinda fun. They are also more than happy to play up to their name with cute novelty items like mugs that say ‘I’m a tosser’ and ‘My man’s a tosser’.

Tossed - WorkWe were happy to see loads of little nutrition tips on the till and around the salad bar. The salad bar was full of lots of goodies which we tried to photograph but staff said photo taking was a no-no so you’ll have to get down there to check it out for yourself. You’ll find a number of protein options in addition to clean carbs and a wide range of sensible toppings and dressings. Vegetarian and vegan options are quite clearly signposted, and the menu appears to be fairly coeliac friendly (apart from the wraps) but it’s always worth asking the question.

Nutritional information can be downloaded from the site but you’ll need a calculator and a little patience to figure out the value of your meal.

There is a charge for swapping items on the house menu, unless you are a vegetarian and wish to swap a meat item for another item. Their menu also includes fresh fruit juices, low fat smoothies and milkshakes.

As much as we were in love with the ethos, options and attention to detail, we felt that our menu choices were a bit lacking in flavor and moreishness. To be fair, this may be down to the fact that we opted for cold options.

This is definitely a great place for anyone who has made a commitment to balanced, healthy living and whose taste buds have adjusted to their healthier lifestyle.

What we tried:

Chipotle Chicken Salad with a half brown rice and half lettuce base

Tossed Chicken Chipotle Salad








Greek Wrap

Tossed - Greek Wrap








What we liked

The fact that Tossed was the first UK establishment to display the nutritional value of their meals

The fact that they play up to their name

What we would do differently

Give an approximate nutritional value of some of the meals

Who can eat here?

Calorie Counters The Tossed menu is your oyster as all the calorie information you need is there
Carb Conscious Muscle Builder on a lettuce base
Gluten Aware Grilled Halloumi
Vegetarian Chipotle Salad or Wrap with Falafel
Vegan Greek Salad or Wrap with Avocado


Value for money

Their prices are a little on the steep end for what you are getting:

Chicken Chipotle Salad £7.45

Greek Wrap £6.95

Loyalty card

They are currently running an offer where you can get a week of hot drinks for a fiver with their coffee card. Ask in store for details.


You can see their list of stores here

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