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Baileys Almande

Baileys Almande

What’s a winter tipple without a big glug of Baileys? The sweet, indulgent liquer has made a fine accompaniment to the humble coffee and hot chocolate whilst also being able to stand on its own two feet over ice. However, for vegans and anyone who is lactose intolerant, Baileys has been one of the drinks to refer to anecdotally but not enjoy.

Thankfully the folks at Baileys HQ took into account the changing preferences of their customers and launched Baileys Almande – a dairy free and vegan friendly version of the original.

Baileys Almande contains almond milk and almond essence from which its name is inspired. It was launched across the pond a few years ago leaving Brits to wonder when it would be our turn, but earlier this year Baileys Almande debuted in supermarkets on UK shores. It is a little dearer than its non-vegan equivalent but that hasn’t gotten in the way of vegan Baileys lovers.

But how does it taste, you ask? Well, one trusted vegan aficionado said ‘it was good. Sweet, but not sickly so and would be lovely over ice cream’. (Vegan ice cream of course)

Also, a little birdie has it that the vegan version has half the calories of the original version so it’s an all round winner for us.

You can find Baileys Alamande at Waitrose and Asda or online at Ocado, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons.

Written by admin - 13/12/2018

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