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Nix and Kix

Nix and Kix

Ever since the sugar tax it has been difficult to find a great tasting drink relatively low calorie that isn’t laced with sweeteners in the UK. The jury is out on sweeteners and this post is certainly not going to get into the politics of sweeteners, but there seems to be a funny aftertaste that comes with ‘no added sugar’ beverages. Either that or the drinks have zero sugar or sweeteners and just taste like awkward water.

Drinks brand Nix and Kix seem to have struck the right balance between great taste and low calories with their range of lightly carbonated, cayenne infused drinks. Sweetened with fruit juices, these grown up soft drinks only have around 50 calories per can.

The drinks are available in 250ml sized cans and come in four unique flavours: Blood Orange & Turmeric, Mango & Ginger, Watermelon & Hibiscus and Cucumber & Mint (not pictured). It’s hard to choose a fave but we are slightly partial to the Blood Orange & Turmeric and Mango & Ginger flavours. All the flavours are great as a standalone refresher or as part of a cocktail.

Nix and Kix drinks all have a mild but manageable dose of cayenne (the ‘kix’) that sets them apart from other soft drinks. Why cayenne, you ask? The capsicum in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties, or the ‘natural pick me up’ as is written on the tins. Added bonus – the cayenne in the drinks are from peppers grown in Bedfordshire.

In short, if you’re after a soft drink that will deliver on taste without relying on artificial sweeteners, it might be worth giving Nix & Kix a go.

You can get them directly from from their website or from a stockist near you

Written by admin - 06/08/2020

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